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    One look at SkinFare packaging tells you how different our point of view is. In a field dominated by excessive disregard, we’ve addressed every aspect of package design to come up with an innovative solution… a nifty paper tube that balances necessity and desire. It’s bold and straightforward, sort of the anti-design design. Form and function intertwined. A great size for carrying around and it only gets on your hands if you want it to. Anywhere, everywhere… keep it on you.



    It’s a Goliath world, but we found our slingshot. Even a one-person operation must conform to the Code of Federal Regulations regarding Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) which offers consumers better protection. Unfortunately, this closes the door for many worthy cottage businesses who don’t have funds to outfit commercial facilities. Lucky for us, an ideal solution is close to home; it’s a shared-use facility called Blue Ridge Food Ventures.

    Since 2005, the Blue Ridge incubation program has enabled over 100 small businesses run by farmers, chefs, bakers, herbalists, even grandmas, to produce their products following regulatory guidelines in a GMP compliant facility. By purchasing SkinFare products you are supporting all of the small crafters who depend on Blue Ridge to get their local products into the hands of consumers. The result is exponential!

    It’s a journey- and we’re on it, making connections with the companies we believe are contributing to change. We’re doing the research and selecting our suppliers based on their values and practices, not on the bottom line. We’re asking tough questions and seeking truthful answers, making sure that the people who earn our business have earned our trust. By staying informed and keeping-up with the latest data, we can find the highest quality ingredients in their most potent state, as close to nature as possible.


    Let’s face it, anything recycled is better than using virgin resources and our packages are built from 90% recycled, unbleached paper pulp… and we’re still pushing for more. Over 75% of the material is post-consumer waste: it already has at least one past life as a different item and has been recovered through recycling programs. Nice to know you are making a difference. Paper consumes less energy to manufacture and recycle than plastic, glass, or metal. And it offers the most flexibility to fit your conservation preferences and local situation. It’s already recycled – do it again.




    The SkinFare applicator is based on a simple concept- layers of recycled paper, laminated together with water-based adhesives. Inside, a paperboard disc travels up the tube, piston-style, which allows you to manually dispense more product. It’s a simple innovation that eliminates the need for a plastic screw mechanism. We integrated the safety seal into the design by perforating the label, instead of applying plastic outer-wraps. Twist open the package, push product up from the bottom… when you’re done, tap the tube on a hard surface to retract the product before re-capping. Simple, innovative, effective. Because it’s paper, we can print with water-based, aqueous inks instead of solvent-based inks. Completely compostable. Should a package last for centuries if the product inside only lasts months? We think not.